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SQL Bootcamp
SQL Bootcamp

Price: $915.00

Course Code: SQB | Hours: 24

SQL Bootcamp New York City

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3-day SQL training bootcamp

This SQL Bootcamp package includes our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced SQL classes at a 15% discount. In this bootcamp, you will use SQL as a tool to implement logic, define instructions and compose queries. You will create advanced queries and manipulate and index tables, and learn techniques for writing decision-making code using advanced functions.

SQL Bootcamp Classes

In our beginner SQL class, you will connect to the SQL Server database and execute a simple query, use various functions based on data types, organize the query data, retrieve data by combining data from multiple tables, and generate reports from the output.

In our intermediate SQL class, you will code subqueries to generate query output, manipulate table data, create tables, create views and manipulate data through views, and create indexes on table columns.

In our advanced SQL class, you will utilize 'Case When Then' statements, format and covert numeric data, work with text data, use stored procedures, and create local and global Temporary Tables.

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Check out with "by request" for $915, a 15% discount, and then email us to schedule your dates. You can choose any combination of dates that work with your schedule, and if you're not sure yet, no problem. You'll have two years to complete the courses.

Beginner SQL Course Outline | Intermediate SQL Course Outline | Advanced Excel Course Outline

What You'll Learn in this Class:


Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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SQL Bootcamp Course Outline

Beginner SQL

Lesson 1: Executing a Simple Query

• Topic 1A: Connect to the Database
• Topic 1B: Query the Database
• Topic 1C: Modify a Query
• Topic 1D: Save a Query
• Topic 1E: Execute a Saved Query

Lesson 2: Performing a Conditional Search

• Topic 2A: Search Using a Simple Condition
• Topic 2B: Compare Column Values
• Topic 2C: Search Using Multiple Conditions
• Topic 2D: Search for a Range of Values and Null Values
• Topic 2E: Retrieve Data Based on Patterns

Lesson 3: Working with Functions

• Topic 3A: Perform Date Calculations
• Topic 3B: Calculate Data
• Topic 3C: Manipulate String Values

Lesson 4: Organizing Data

• Topic 4A: Sort Data
• Topic 4B: Group Data
• Topic 4C: Filter Grouped Data
• Topic 4D: Summarize Grouped Data

Lesson 5: Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables

• Topic 5A: Combine Results of Two Queries
• Topic 5B: Retrieve Data by Joining Tables
• Topic 5C: Check for Unmatched Records
• Topic 5D: Retrieve Information from a Table Using Joins

Lesson 6: Presenting Query Results

• Topic 6A: Customize and Save the Query Result
• Topic 6B: Generate an HTML Report

Intermediate SQL

Lesson 1: Advanced Querying Using Subqueries

• Topic 1A: Search Based on an Unknown Value
• Topic 1B: Search Based on Multiple Unknown Values
• Topic 1C: Compare a Value with Unknown Values
• Topic 1D: Search Based on the Existence of Records
• Topic 1E: Generate Output Using Correlated Subqueries
• Topic 1F: Filter Grouped Data Within Subqueries
• Topic 1G: Perform Multiple-level Subqueries

Lesson 2: Manipulating Table Data

• Topic 2A: Insert Data
• Topic 2B: Modify Data
• Topic 2C: Delete Data

Lesson 3: Manipulating the Table Structure

• Topic 3A: Create a Simple Table
• Topic 3B: Create a Table with Constraints
• Topic 3C: Add or Drop Table Columns
• Topic 3D: Add or Drop Constraints
• Topic 3E: Modify the Column Definition
• Topic 3F: Delete Tables

Lesson 4: Working with Views

• Topic 4A: Create a View
• Topic 4B: Manipulate Data in Views
• Topic 4C: Modify and Drop Views

Lesson 5: Indexing Data

• Topic 5A: Create Indexes
• Topic 5B: Drop Indexes

Lesson 6: Managing Transactions

• Topic A: Create Transactions
• Topic B: Commit Transactions

Appendix A: The FullerAckerman Database

Advanced SQL

Lesson 1: Letting a Query Make a Decision

• Topic 1A: Simple 'Case When Then'
• Topic 1B: Create Variables
• Topic 1C: Create a Custom Function

Lesson 2: Convert and Format Output

• Topic 2A: Str Function
• Topic 2B: Cast Function
• Topic 2C: Convert Function
• Topic 2D: Parsename Function
• Topic 2E: Replace Function

Lesson 3: Text Functions

• Topic 3A: Left, Right and Len Functions
• Topic 3B: Rtrim, Ltrim and Substring Functions
• Topic 3C: Upper and Lower Functions
• Topic 3D: Patindex and Replicate Functions
• Topic 3E: Reverse Function

Lesson 4: Stored Procedures

• Topic 4A: Create, Execute, Alter and Drop Stored Procedures
• Topic 4B: Create a Simple Parameter
• Topic 4C: Use a Wild Card with a Parameter

Lesson 5: Temporary Tables

• Topic 5A: Local Temp Tables
• Topic 5B: Global Temp Tables

Lesson 6: Automating Processes

• Topic 6A: Create a Simple Temp Table Process
• Topic 6B: Create an Archive Process
• Topic 6C: Create a Synonym