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Microsoft Access Training Classes - NYC

The Career Center provides high quality, affordably priced, training classes in Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 365 and 2016. With experienced instructors and a convenient midtown NYC location, we offer Microsoft Office curriculum to both the individual and corporate community. The Career Center offers group classes and private tutoring to beginner and more advanced corporate clients.

Microsoft Access is the database program in the Microsoft Office Suite. These classes are designed for students who wish to learn the basic operations of the Microsoft Access Database program to perform their day-to-day responsibilities, and to understand the advantages that using a relational database program can bring to their business processes.

The links below will take you to our Microsoft Access course pages that have course objectives upcoming dates, topics to be covered and the ability to register online.

Access Level 1

Access 2010 Level 1 covers the basic skills, including: identifying the components of the Microsoft Access 2010 environment, identifying the components of a database, organizing data in tables, viewing data in tables, querying a database, designing forms and generating reports.


Access Level 2

Access 2010 Level 2 concentrates on some more advanced skills, including: streamlining data entry and maintaining data integrity, joining tables to retrieve data from unrelated tables, creating flexible queries to display specified records, allowing for user-determined query criteria, modifying data using queries, improving forms, customizing reports to organize the displayed information, producing specific print layouts and sharing data between Access and other applications.