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Photoshop Courses NYC

Adobe Photoshop is a leading graphic creation application, popular among graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers. Our Photoshop courses in NYC provide the optimal training experience taught by the top instructors in small class sizes.

Photoshop's numerous features work together to provide a comprehensive toolset for you, the design professional. In these basic through advanced Photoshop courses, you'll learn professional techniques for obtaining consistent, predictable, high quality images in Photoshop. We'll adopt a balanced approach, starting with system calibration through image enhancements and color correction, as well as create traditional printed effects such as duotones and spot color overlays.

Upcoming Photoshop Courses NYC

Photoshop Level I - Beginner
  • Understand Image Basics
  • Work with Selections
  • Work with Layers
  • Make Adjustments
  • Save & Export Images
Photoshop Level 1 you will understand and use the various elements in the Photoshop CS6 interface so as to efficiently work with the software. You will use the different tools in Photoshop for selecting parts of images and identify the need for having layers in a Photoshop document. You will also organize the different components of the design as layers.


Printing & Color
  • Color Management
  • Retouch Images for Print
  • Apply Color Correction
  • Commercial Printing
  • Convert Colors for Print
Photoshop Photo Printing and Color you will identify two contrasting approaches to handling color images. You will begin by calibrating your monitor and using color management profiles to control the image display to match its intended output.


Photoshop Level II - Intermediate
  • Work with Brushes
  • Create Vector Paths
  • Work with Masks
  • Styles & Smart Objects
  • Create Actions
Photoshop Level 2 you will enhance your ability to create accurate masks and image effects, retouch images, work with video files, automate repetitive tasks, and integrate with other Adobe applications.


Web Production
  • Understand Compression
  • Optimize Compression
  • Adjust Images
  • Color Management
  • Create & Export Slices
Photoshop Web Production you will set the Photoshop unit preferences and save files in different formats to see how well each format balances image quality with file size reduction. You will then calibrate your system color display. You will also use Photoshop as part of creating finished web pages, export individual slices, and create an HTML web page that displays a table containing the sliced sections.


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Code Course Name Hours Price
PO Beginner Adobe Photoshop 8 $325
PQ Intermediate Adobe Photoshop 8 $325
PP Adobe Photoshop Photo Printing And Color 8 $425
PW Adobe Photoshop Web Production 8 $425

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