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Microsoft Excel Bootcamp
Microsoft Excel Bootcamp

Price: $535.00

Course Code: EB | Hours: 21

Microsoft Excel Bootcamp New York City

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3-Day Fundamentals to Advanced Excel Bootcamp

Sign up today for three levels of Excel at a 15% discount with our Microsoft Excel Bootcamp package: Basic, intermediate, advanced. Check out with "by request" for $535, a 15% discount, and then email us to schedule your dates. You can choose any combination of dates that work with your schedule, and if you're not sure yet, no problem. You'll have two years to complete the courses.

Note: To sign up for the Excel Bootcamp, check out by choosing your first class date above (Beginner Microsoft Excel). Then contact us to schedule your next two Excel classes.

Excel Bootcamp Course Outline

Beginner to advanced Excel Training

You'll start with our Beginner Excel Course, where you'll review calculations, charts, formulas, and tables. In our Intermediate Excel Class, you'll dive into multi-input functions, Pivot Tables, and Sort & Filter. Concluding with the Advanced Excel Class, you'll automate workbook functionality, use advanced lookup functions, and forecast data using What-If Analysis.

Beginner Excel Course Outline | Intermediate Excel Course Outline | Advanced Excel Course Outline

What You'll Learn in this Class:


Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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Excel Bootcamp Course Outline

Beginner Microsoft Excel

Lesson 1: Introduction

• Introduction
• Interface
• Data Entry

Lesson 2: Formulas

• Autofill
• Calculations
• AutoSum Functions
• Text Functions
• Multi-Input Functions
• Absolute Cell References

Lesson 3: Formatting

• Formatting
• Format Painter
• Conditional Format

Lesson 4: Charts & Tables

• Line Chart
• Column Chart
• Pie Chart
• Tables

Lesson 5: Workbook Management

• Printing
• Worksheets
• Rows & Columns
• Save and Close

End of Class Project

• Project

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Lesson 1: Worksheet Management

• Navigation
• Paste Special

Lesson 2: Text

• Splitting Text
• Joining Text

Lesson 3: Database Management

• Named Ranges
• Data Validation
• Sort & Filter
• Remove Duplicates

Lesson 4: Database Functions

• Vlookup
• Hlookup
• Vlookup - Closet Match

Lesson 5: Logical Functions

• True, False, Not
• And, Or
• IF statements

Lesson 6: Statistical Functions

• Rank.eq
• Countifs
• Sumifs

Lesson 7: Pivot Tables

• Table review
• Pivot Tables
• Pivot Tables & Grouping
• Multiple Pivot Tables

End of Class Project

• Project

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Lesson 1: Cell Management

• Advanced Cell Locking
• Cell Auditing

Lesson 2: Special Formatting

• Custom Number Formats
• Text function
• Date functions
• Conditional Formatting-Formulas

Lesson 3: Advanced Functions

• Nested If statements
• If statements with And/Or
• Small & Large functions

Lesson 4: What If Analysis

• Goal Seek
• Data Tables

Lesson 5: Advanced Analytical Tools

• Data Consolidation
• Conditional SumProduct
• Pivot Table-Calculations
• Pivot Charts

Lesson 6: Advanced Database Functions

• Match function
• Vlookup-Match
• Index-Match
• Index-Double Match

Lesson 7: Introduction to Macros

• Recording Macros
• Relative Macros

End of Class Project

• Project