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Web Development Level 2
Web Development Level 2

Course Overview

This Web Development Course is offered at our coding school in SoHo.
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In this training you'll learn how to use CSS for more complex page layouts. You'll learn about best practices as you gain a deeper understanding of CSS selectors and the various CSS properties available.

You'll create multi-column layouts using floats and inline-block. Gain a deeper understanding of how block and inline elements work. Master the positioning of elements (relative, absolute, fixed) and target elements with advanced CSS selectors. Learn about newer CSS3 transitions, transforms, and animations as well as create parallax scrolling effects using only CSS.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • Create web page layouts
  • Manage CSS
  • Float & Display
  • Create advanced navigation
  • Incorporate meta content and multimedia
  • Create & Style Forms


Students are recommended to take the following course or possess equivalent knowledge:

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Web Development Level 2 Training Outline

Lesson 1

• Minimalist Blog: The Box Model
• Minimalist Blog: Streamlined CSS
• Creating Columns with Float
• Introduction to Media Queries

Lesson 2

• The Display Property: A Deep Dive
• The Position Property: The Key to Complex Layouts
• Creating a Fixed Header
• Image Replacement

Lesson 3

• CSS Sprites
• Background Gradients & Transparent Colors
• Multi-Column Layout
• CSS Selectors

Lesson 4

• Attribute Selectors
• Form Styling
• Clearing Floats
• Sizing Typography

Lesson 5

• CSS3 Shadows
• Hiding & Showing Elements
• CSS Transitions
• CSS Transforms

Lesson 6

• You are Here Indicator
• CSS Responsive Scrolling Techniques Part 1
• CSS Responsive Scrolling Techniques Part 2
• CSS Responsive Scrolling Techniques Part 3