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JavaScript and jQuery
JavaScript and jQuery

Course Overview

This JavaScript Course is offered at our coding school in SoHo.
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Go beyond HTML/CSS and learn JavaScript so you can add interactivity such as animated slideshows, lightboxes (image enlargers), show/hide content, validate forms, and more.

You'll start by learning the fundamentals of JavaScript code, and then get into jQuery. jQuery is an industry standard framework that lets you quickly and easily write powerful JavaScript. You'll learn how to use some popular jQuery plugins, and gain an understanding of how plugins work, so you can use any plugin!

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • Understand fundamentals of JavaScript code
  • Reuse Code with Functions
  • Dynamically Change Content with Custom Objects
  • Create and edit arrays
  • Explore JavaScript Selectors
  • Show and Hide Content with jQuery Animation
  • Share JavaScript Across Pages
  • Create jQuery Image Carousel


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Lesson 1

• Fundamentals of JavaScript Code
• Reusing Code with Functions
• Simple Accordion with JavaScript
• If Statements: Clearing Form Fields

Lesson 2

• Introduction to JavaScript Objects & the DOM
• Dynamically Changing Content with Custom Objects
• Introduction to Arrays & the Math Object
• Introduction to For Loops

Lesson 3

• Exploring JavaScript Selectors
• Photo Filter Website: User Friendly Navigation
• Photo Filter Website: Getting the Photos to Filter
• Photo Filter Website: Creating an Exclusive Filter

Lesson 4

• Showing/Hiding Content with jQuery Animation
• Sharing JavaScript Across Pages
• jQuery Hover Animation
• More Advanced jQuery Showing/Hiding

Lesson 5

• jQuery Lightbox: A Pop-up Image Viewer
• jQuery Cycle: A Simple Slideshow
• jQuery Cycle: Adding Slideshow Controls

Lesson 6

• jQuery Cycle: Adding a Pause Button
• jQuery Form Validation
• jQuery Image Carousel