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VBA Bootcamp
VBA Bootcamp

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Course Code: VBA | Hours: 14

Microsoft Excel VBA Bundle

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Our VBA Excel Macro Classes will instruct you how to use basic Macros to automate Excel. You will be able to use your Excel knowledge more productively by incorporating Macros in your spreadsheets. This Excel Macro Course assumes no previous knowledge of Macros. Excel VBA Macros Level 1 course is a basic VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) class, that will help you apply spreadsheet skills, in a faster, more efficient and exciting way.

Our Advanced Excel VBA Training will teach you to automate tasks, and streamline workflow, using Macros. Excel VBA Macros Level 2 is our advanced class, which assumes a familiarity with the basic Macro concepts, introduced in our Level 1 Excel VBA Class. An understanding of the skills taught in VBA Excel Classes will empower the user to utilize all of the tools taught, in our Excel courses, in the most efficient and powerful manner.

Beginner Excel VBA Course Outline | Advanced Excel VBA Course Outline

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • develop a macro
  • format worksheets using macros
  • create an interactive worksheet
  • work with multiple worksheets
  • perform calculations
  • navigate a workbook using offsets, range names, and variables
  • analyze data using looping structures, in combination with if and case statements
  • create user interface structures to capture multiple variable inputs
  • control the lifetime and scope of variables
  • create automated event processes
  • create automation to handle unforeseen errors and events


Students are recommended to take the following courses or possess equivalent knowledge:

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Microsoft Excel VBA Bundle Training Outline

Beginner VBA Course

Lesson 1: Macros / VBA

• What are Macros?
• What is VBA?
• How to record macros
• How to run macros

Lesson 2: VBA Editor

• Modules
• Procedures
• Project Explorer
• Toolbars / Options

Lesson 3: Creating / Editing Code

• Create Procedures
• Subs
• Comments

Lesson 4: Invoking Macros

• Hot Keys
• Quick Access Toolbar
• Call Command

Lesson 5: Compiling Code

• Stepping through code
• Reset
• Run

Lesson 6: Variables

• Declarations
• Option Explicit
• Data Types

Lesson 7: Working with The Object Model

• Worksheets
• Ranges: Rows, Columns, Cells

Lesson 8: Creating & Naming Objects

• Naming conventions
• Housekeeping

Lesson 9: Navigation / Selection Techniques

• Formula R1C1 Reference Style
• Offsets
• Range Names

Lesson 10: Logic Statements

• IF Statements

Lesson 11: Looping Statements

• Do Loops

Lesson 12: Interactive Code

• Input boxes
• Message boxes

Lesson 13: Error Handlers

• Preventing fatal errors and crashes

Advanced VBA Course

Lesson 1: VBA Editor

• Project Explorer
• Properties Window
• Modules

Lesson 2: Creating / Editing Code

• Functions
• Events

Lesson 3: Invoking Macros

• Worksheet Buttons
• Customize Ribbon

Lesson 4: Compiling Code

• Stepping through code
• Setting Breakpoints

Lesson 5: Variables

• Declarations
• Option Compare Text
• Option Compare Binary
• Lifetime and Scope

Lesson 6: Working with The Object Model

• Application
• Workbook

Lesson 7: Creating & Naming Objects

• Naming conventions
• Housekeeping

Lesson 8: Navigation / Selection Techniques

• Absolute versus Relative Reference
• Offsets

Lesson 9: Logic Statements

• Nested IF Statements
• Case Statements

Lesson 10: Functions

• Intrinsic Functions
• User Defined Functions

Lesson 11: Looping Statements

• For Each Next Loops

Lesson 12: Interactive Code

• User Forms - dashboards
• Message Boxes

Lesson 13: Error Handlers

• Error numbers
• Error descriptions