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Dreamweaver Training NYC Classes

Looking to improve your Dreamweaver skills? The Career Center offers professional training classes, which cover different levels, from beginner to advanced. All the courses are conveniently located in New York City area.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a leading application that enables users to create and manage websites. Dreamweaver has many useful features that provide a platform for users to maintain high-quality professional websites. In these courses, you will learn the techniques you need to create sites and pages using the powerful tools in Dreamweaver. You will also learn to utilize CSS to manage the look and feel of your site and how to incorporate tables and images to give your website a more professional look and feel. In the Advanced Dreamweaver course you will learn about advanced layouts and formats, as well as the use of forms and finally you will cover file integration and synchronization.

Code Course Name Hours Price Location
DR Adobe Dreamweaver Level 1 - Private Training 7 $850 185 Madison Ave, NYC
DV Adobe Dreamweaver Level 2 - Private Training 7 $850 185 Madison Ave, NYC

Beginner Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver Level 1 allows you to take advantage of all the flexibility and power of a world-class web design tool. Manipulate pixel-perfect designs in Design view, craft complex code in Code view, or do a little of each. Work the way you work best.


Advanced Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver Level 2 allows you to integrate workflow designs, develop, and maintain content within Adobe Dreamweaver while taking advantage of intelligent integration with other Adobe tools, including Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop and new Adobe Device Central for creating mobile device content.