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Financial Modeling Courses NYC

Master the skills you need to succeed as a financial analyst in hands-on classroom training. Learn from the top investment bankers with our proprietary curriculum 100% focused on practical applications. 

Conquer advanced Excel, corporate finance, and financial accounting concepts needed to properly build financial models. You'll create valuation models on public companies and apply real-world techniques used at investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial firms.

Upcoming Finance courses in New York City

Code Course Name Hours Price Location
FI Advanced Excel for Financial Modeling 7 $350 185 Madison Ave, NYC
FM Financial Modeling Bootcamp 21 $850 185 Madison Ave, NYC

Advanced Excel for Financial Modeling
  • Financial functions
  • Advanced database functions
  • Create Data Tables
  • Use Goal Seek
  • Create financial projections
  • Learn Hot Keys
Master the advanced Excel tricks, techniques, and tools financial analysts use to build and audit financial models. By the end of this course, you will know how to write efficient and flexible formulas, create sensitivity analysis, and master Excel's features for finance.


Financial Modeling Bootcamp
  • Advanced Excel for Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Company Analysis
  • Discount Cash Flow Modeling
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Financial Analyst Best Practices
  • Investment Banking Interviews
Learn corporate finance & accounting concepts while building a comprehensive financial model in Excel. This financial modeling class blends finance, accounting, and advanced Excel concepts into an intensive 3-day course.