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SPSS Training Classes NYC

NYIM offers comprehensive SPSS classes, from beginner to advanced, and a 3-day SPSS Essentials class. Learn from professional instructors in hands-on, small classes.

SPSS is predictive analytical software that can benefit almost any sector of business that relies on effective, informed decision-making. NYIM offers comprehensive SPSS classes, from beginner to advanced, and our 3-day SPSS Essentials class.  

We offer in-person classes in Manhattan, as well as custom training at our facility or yours. Whether your field is marketing or health care our professional, experienced trainers can create an SPSS course that fits your needs.

We can also do other statistical training such as Creating Statistics Projects, Writing a Proposal, Collecting Data Analyzing & Interpreting Data.

Code Course Name Hours Price Location
0S SPSS Bootcamp 21 $999 185 Madison Ave, NYC
1S Introduction to SPSS for Data Analysis 7 $449 185 Madison Ave, NYC
2S Intermediate SPSS 7 $449 185 Madison Ave, NYC

SPSS Bootcamp
  • Creating data files and entering data
  • Preliminary analyses
  • Manipulating the data
  • Correlations
  • Significance tests
  • Regression
Learn to create a data file and enter data, conduct preliminary analyses, use graphs to describe and explore the data, manipulate the data, check the reliability of a scale, apply correlations, conduct significance tests, and perform regression analysis.


Intermediate SPSS
  • Scripts
  • Non parametric test
  • Regression analysis
  • Decision tree
This is an intermediate level course designed to introduce students to advance techniques used in data analysis and database management. Focus is placed on the use of scripts, the appropriate use of parametric and nonparametric tests, regression analysis and Decision Trees. The incorporation of these techniques will provide the tools necessary to perform sophisticated analysis and management of data.


Intro to SPSS for Data Analysis
  • Entering and Editing Data
  • Producing summary statistics
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Analysis
This course introduces how to present, analyze and interpret data using the statistical analysis software package SPSS. In virtually every field of work, being confident and competent in analyzing data and drawing conclusions is extremely helpful. This course will help you develop those skills using SPSS, which is a statistical package widely used in business, industry, government, commerce and the education and health sectors.