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Beginner Microsoft Excel 2016
Beginner Microsoft Excel 2016

Price: $209.00

Course Code: 6F | Hours: 7

Excel Training Classes | Beginner Course Overview

This beginner Excel course covers the fundamentals, including basic formulas, functions, formatting, printing, charts, & calculations. We'll also introduce you to some essential shortcuts to start boosting your speed. This class is the perfect introduction to Excel that will help you set a solid foundation in the software.

Beginner Excel Course Outline

Hands-on Beginner Excel Training

Our intro Excel class is hands-on and uses real-world examples throughout the training. The instructor will first explain the concept along with a example, and then you'll perform an exercise on your own. Our step-by-step training manual is the perfect reference guide for during and after the class.

Revolutionary Excel Video Suite & Free Retake

You'll also receive access to our premium Beginner Excel video suite, which has the lessons on high-quality video that can be viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet.

And just in case you need a refresher, you can retake the class anytime within 6 months of the course (provided there is an available seat in the class).

With all these revolutionary resources, you're virtually guaranteed to walk away with a solid foundation in Excel.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • Get started with Microsoft Office Excel 2016
  • Perform Calculations
  • Modify Text
  • Format a Worksheet
  • Create Charts and Tables
  • Manage Workbooks


Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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Beginner Excel Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction

• Introduction
• Interface
• Data Entry

Lesson 2: Formulas

• Autofill
• Calculations
• AutoSum Functions
• Text Functions
• Multi-Input Functions
• Absolute Cell References

Lesson 3: Formatting

• Formatting
• Format Painter
• Conditional Format

Lesson 4: Charts & Tables

• Line Chart
• Column Chart
• Pie Chart
• Tables

Lesson 5: Workbook Management

• Printing
• Worksheets
• Rows & Columns
• Save and Close

End of Class Project

• Project